Educational Toys – Investing Wisely in the Next Generation

Did you ever notice how the federal government seems to spend more time and money on education, but there seems to be more need for “Special Education”? How about the increasingly amount of adults that are considered unemployable do to lack of educational and social skills? These are not the consequences of an increasing population, a soft economy, or a lack of governmental involvement. These are the results of a generation whose concern is to provide a better way of life for their family at the expense of the family.

One of the requirements for my wife to graduate from the college she attended was to participate in an internship program for one full semester. She did her internship at a pre-school where she observed a generation of children who were being raised by teachers and teacher’s aids. Though these children were preschoolers, parent teacher conferences were still held. Unfortunately the attendance from the parents was sadly low.

Daycare is certainly not bad things and in some situations they are needed. My wife and I on many occasions would help a single mom by having a child stay with us, some times over a weekend. Today these children have children of their own and interestingly enough after 30 years we occasionally receive comments of the impact my wife and I have had in their lives. But even relationships like these can never take the place of the unique bond between parent and child.

It has been said, “Children are a heritage”. Heritage is defined as; something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor. (Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary) By definition it is easy to understand why there are so many struggling children in our educational system today. However, there is good news in all of this. There is a new generation of women who are choosing to be homemakers. Many are choosing to quit their jobs, even influential and high salary jobs, to stay at home and raised their children. Census bureau statistics show that there has been a 15 percent increase in the number of stay-at-home moms in the last 10 years.

There is also an upward trend among parents of introducing toys into their children daily play time that are specifically designed to foster cognitive and social skills as well as provide a foundation for sound physical and mental health. Although virtually any toy that a child engages will aid in their developmental training, educational toys by design, challenge critical thinking, expand imagination, enhance motor skills and promote learning while having fun.

The benefits of educational play during a child’s early years can provide the stimulation and experiences that create a foundation of learning and growing. As more parents grasp the idea of educational play as well as increased personal interaction with their children, we will all enjoy the benefits. It is much wiser and cost effective to invest into a child’s life today than to address the problems that could have possibly been avoided later in life.

APlusEducationalToys is committed to helping children have fun while they learn and grow. With over 30 years of experience in child development, early childhood education and over 25 years in children, youth, family and adult ministry, we offer you expert advice and guidance choosing age appropriate, creative educational toys for your child. For more information and to view our products, come visit us at…

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Recession and Online Education

During times of economic recession when employment opportunities are minimal and layoffs are abundant, adults naturally seek opportunities to make themselves more marketable to employers. Whether individuals need to acquire new skills to enter an entirely different career field, or they simply want to fine tune skills that they already possess to keep their existing jobs, education is often the solution. However, unemployed or working adults with families and busy lives may have difficulties fitting college courses into their hectic schedules. Recession May Drive More Adults Students to Take Online Classes by Steve Kolowich is an article that discusses the reasons many adult students will choose online learning in the current economy. In this article, I will summarize Kolowich’s article. I will also provide an analysis of what I think has created this enrollment trend: cost, convenience, and completion.

Article Summary

Adults often choose times of economic hardship to go to school. Currently, more adults are selecting two-year colleges and private for-profit colleges than traditional four-year universities for their educational needs. Many of these students will take online courses. The 2008 Sloan Survey of Online Learning anticipated that all types of colleges would experience increases in enrollments, but non-traditional schools could see the greatest jumps in enrollments. Elaine Allen, one of the report’s authors, attributes this to the fact that non-traditional schools offer online classes.

Online classes offer many conveniences that traditional college courses do not. Students can take online classes at times that work for them. They do not have to leave their homes to go to school. They are still able to care for the needs of their families. Individuals can save on gas by not having to drive to campuses.

Online enrollment has been steadily increasing since 2003. More than a fifth of all students enrolled in higher education were taking at least one online course in 2007. Over half of the colleges surveyed in 2007 thought that it was critical to offer online courses to students. In addition, 70% of the colleges noticed an increase of student interest in online learning. Students are beginning to choose colleges specifically for their online programs.


Because of the recession, jobs are scarce. Tough economic times put “more people in the pipeline, looking, and hoping for opportunities” (Stevenson, 2008). Taking classes or earning a degree gives individuals an edge over the competition in the job market. “The majority of continuing education students today are most concerned with first getting into the academic pipeline” (Stevenson, 2008). Adults enroll in programs that offer classes to complete degrees they did not finish in the past. “A lot of people want to increase their skill levels or get that degree they didn’t have. The threat of losing their jobs can be as big a motivator as the actuality” (Kolowich, 2009). The cost of losing a job or not obtaining a new job is greater than the cost of education. In addition, non-traditional colleges offering online courses often cost about the same of even less than traditional universities.

Unemployment benefits often pay educational costs during the first year of unemployment. Unemployed individuals can use these benefits to take classes. Some companies give educational benefits to employees that they had to layoff. Former employees can use these benefits to learn new skills. Individuals are able to enroll in classes without worrying about how to pay for them.


Many adults who would like to go to traditional universities to earn degrees are unable due to busy schedules. They have to work or search for new jobs. They have children to care for and households to run. “They may prefer to go into the classroom but they need to work or stay at home and they don’t have the time. An online education may be their only chance to get a degree” (Johnson, 2006).

Online courses offer much more flexibility than traditional classroom classes. Students can participate on days that are convenient for them. If they have to do their schoolwork early in the morning before going to work or late at night after the children are asleep, they can. Online courses still have participation requirements and assignments with due dates, but if students know that they will be busy on days assignments are due, they can simply do these ahead of time.

Many online programs allow students to take only one or two courses at a time to be “full-time.” This allows busy adults to focus on a minimal amount of subjects. Their other responsibilities would make it difficult to take four to five classes at one time as is necessary to be full-time at traditional universities.

Students do not have to leave their homes or jobs to attend online classes. They can participate in class from anywhere that has a computer with internet access. Time is not wasted driving to campuses, finding parking, and walking to classes. Parents do not have to worry about finding childcare for their children during class times. Students do not have to rush from work to school to home feeling as if they are constantly on the go. Online classes offer conveniences like these that traditional courses cannot.


According to Stevenson (2008), “today’s non-traditional student is interested in one thing: completion, completion, completion.” Adult students want to earn or complete their degrees as quickly as possible. “Students earning a bachelor’s degree from University of Phoenix take one class at a time for five weeks per course” (Johnson, 2006). This means that students can complete up to 10 – three credit courses in a year or 30 semester credits. Accelerated online degree programs like this are a big attraction to individuals who desire to complete degrees quickly.


Because of our country’s current economic recession, more often adults are enrolling in degree programs. Some hope to find new jobs, while others aspire to keep the jobs they have. Education is an effective way increase employment opportunities. Many of these individuals choose to attend non-traditional colleges. Non-traditional schools offer several advantages to benefit the busy adult. These advantages include cost, convenience, and completion. Non-traditional institutions “tend to offer programs that have traditionally been tailored to serve working adults” (Kolowich, 2009). Online courses offered by many of these schools are the ideal educational alternative for busy adults.


Johnson, F. (2003, August 21). Online Education Helps Fight Enrollment Dip. Enterprise/Salt Lake City, 36(7), 9. Retrieved August 1, 2009, from Regional Business News database.

Kolowich, S. (2009, January 16). Recession May Drive More Adult Students to Take Online Classes. Chronicle of Higher Education, 55(19), A11-A11. Retrieved August 1, 2009, from Academic Search Complete database.

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My name is Andrea L. Rodriguez. I am an educator. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with an Emphasis in Spanish, a California Teaching Credential for kindergarten through eighth grade, and a Washington State residency Teaching Certificate for kindergarten through eight grade. I taught elementary education for nine years in both public and private schools in California and Washington. I also taught kindergarten through sixth grade outdoor, hands-on summer science camp for four years. Currently, I am a university enrollment advisor. I help adults choose degree programs to fit their goals, assist them in the enrollment and financial aid processes, and prepare them for success in online or campus college courses. I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education and Training to better serve the adult students that I enroll. I also hope to one day become an employee trainer for a corporation or an instructor of adult college courses.

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Lifestyle News Is Essential to Improve the Standard of Living

Newspaper has turned into one of the most informative-source for delivering the news. In the news paper, you can find various types of news like current affairs, current political affairs, current happening in India and also the political and economic condition around the world.

Life is a precious gift from god. People are mostly concerned about improving their lives. Life is full of ups and downs but one must overcome the hassles and make their life progressive. Flowing with development in life has become lifestyle news in the world today. Development forecast has always been a conversational issue in business news. This is the place where great minded people meet to discover the new methods of development by studying the old track records. There are numerous technologies coming our way at lightning speed. Latest news provides the technological updates, such as the release of the new software, operating system etc. People have started following the new trend in their lifestyles. Today most of the people’s life is full of sports. People today are eager to know the sports news as they need great entertainment.

News paper has turn into one of the informative-source for delivering the news. In the news paper, you can find various types news like current affairs, current political affairs, current happening in India and also the political and economic condition around the world. You will not only find the political and economic news but also the latest news like lifestyle news, technological news, educational news, Sports news etc.

The latest news reveals that the rapid change in the lifestyle has resulted in the type II diabetes which is the most common form of diabetes, which occurs due to lack of exercise, this is because of the poor lifestyle choices from the people, leading a healthy life can keep these type of diseases at bay. There is a way to judge the individual’s standard of living. It is judged according to the person’s residence, his dining places and shopping. This is the reason lifestyle news is popular these days as it offers surprising recommendations and publicity.

Cricket as a sport is achieving great popularity not only in India but also across the world. Many news countries have begun focusing in this sport so that a vast number of audiences and spectators in India stay close to the media preferably to obtain the Sports news.

Lifestyle news helps an individual’s to become a follower of either some great person or some celebrity. Business works extremely well only on the basis of the employees. The lifestyle news will be used by the individuals who are willing to upgrade their lifestyle. Latest news updates overall proceedings taking place in the environment. Let’s hope that the news of business keeps getting better with conditions and circumstances for a healthy society.

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Education In Today’s Society

I want to discuss the topic of education. Is it still important? Has it changed? Is it better? Or is it worse? When I was growing up as a child I was always told that getting a good education is the key to success even from those who never finished college or even High School. Going through elementary school, JR high school, and high school was not easy. Of course there were other things I wanted to do as a kid besides going to school everyday. But as I entered high school it got even tougher for me to go and complete school. I found myself cutting class and getting failing grades. To be honest, I barely finished high school, all I cared is that I finished.

Shortly after high school I applied to a few colleges and of course I did not get in. Then I tried to look for work and I had issues with finding work. Ultimately and finally I went to job corps. But before job corps I served in American Conservation National Service Program. I completed my Job Corps technical training and finally entered the work force.

There were strange things that I seen that was happening during these times and some people I knew. People who finished college could not get jobs! It was all over the news! People losing their jobs that were college graduates and buried in college debt! Then I knew that me never finishing college was not that bad!

In my opinion education has changed greatly. It is not as good as it used to be. Do not get me wrong education is still good and you can still do great things with completing and getting a quality education but it’s actually not necessarily the key to success in life. Some of the worlds most successful men and women dropped out of school and are making millions and billions doing it. Money they would have NEVER made completing college.

Hopefully you do not see this as me bashing education. I am not bashing it or downing anyone who still believes that it is the key to success in life or who are in school. I just want to open the eyes of everyone and let you know that whether you get a good education or not you still have a chance of being a success. As long as you work hard and believe in yourself.

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